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Brand Equity is one of the most valuable assets that a company has, and although intangible, it is crucial to its financial success. We focus on bridging the gap between awareness and affinity, supercharging brand loyalty.


Additional value that a consumer attaches with the company that is unique from all others available in the market. Competitors can attempt to match specifications and similar products but cannot copy brand equity.

Repeat buyers and passionate loyalists who refer you to their networks. These are the holy grail of customers: After all, a mere 5% jump in customer retention can raise profits by up to 95%.



Our brand strategists produce ideas for entertaining content that aligns with your brand's message and audience. The aim is to create long-form content that people would want to check out as opposed to ads that people are forced to sit through.  

Our branded content trifecta includes three pillars; Video, Media Personalities & YouTube. Together these directly target three main components of brand equity: Awareness, Perception & Loyalty simultaneously making this the most efficient and cost-effective method of building brand equity.


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