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To produce long-form video content which consumers would want to check out as opposed to ads that people are forced to sit through. It should be so entertaining, informative and engaging that consumers are happy to view and share it of their own volition.


As long as you're sponsoring one-off influencer activations, shows etc. You're essentially paying rent to get in front of people by interrupting the thing that they want to be engaged with. The minute you stop paying, you vanish. Instead, become the source of value for your customers.


Maintain the attention of consumers for long periods of time by giving additional value beyond your product(s) benefits. When consumers are in the market to make a purchase, in the mind of the consumer - no adequate substitute comes to mind due to their perception of your brand.

We specialise in creating content that closely resembles a mini 'box-set' series for digital platforms. Brands now have the opportunity to build their own presence on the platforms in a cost-effective manner that simply isn't possible through traditional formats. 


A series consists of 8-15 episodes, 6-12 minutes in length with a theme based on capturing the interest of your ideal customers. 


 Our professional production team consists of quality individuals at all stages of the creation process. From directors to sound editors, we ensure that all content is created to the highest standards consistently.  


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